German Nationals 2016

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The German Pro10 Nationals kicked of at the weekend of 1st-4th September and held at the MSC Rötz track in South-East Germany  in the Pro10 Stock and Modified class.
The VIP-Team was the biggest team at the Nationals. The most of our Drivers attend also the warm-Up race 4 weeks ago and took practise from Thursday on. Warm Up winner Tobias Weist in Modified and Timo Schad in stock were top heads for the titles in their classes. After practise and qualification the team made the most succsess with Tobias Weist was able to took the TQ spot with clean sweep in all 6 Rounds of qualification in Front of reigning Champion Tim Altmann. Our Team Drivers Maxi Vief, Timo Schad and Alexander Krenn were also drivers for the A Main at positions 4th,5th and 10th spot on the grid. Tobias set also a new overall track record of 13.190s, 3/10 faster at the Warm Up.
In the Pro10 Stock class our Drivers was the Team to beat with Timo Schad on TQ with clean sweep on Saturday. He set out on sunday morning the last 2 Rounds and allowed Rainer Schad the 2nd spot with Alexander Wild 3rd on the grid and finally Marlon Beuershausen on 5th.

The first final in the Stock class were a full Top 4 for the VIP Team. Timo Schad struggled at the beginning of the final but recovered back to 3rd at the end behind A1 Winner Rainer Schad from Alexander Wild. Marlon on 4th.
The 2nd final went after DNF from Timo and Rainer Schad to Alexander Wild and Marlon 3rd.
Unfortunally the last final was wet and only Timo attend it and allowed him to win the final.

At the End Alexander Wild took his first Nationals Title in the Stock class and was also for the VIP Team the first one.
Timo Schad made it perfect as Vice-Champion.
Rainer Schad and Marlon Beuershause 4th and 5th at the End Rankinglist and made a impressive 4 VIP Cars in the Top5 at the German Nationals!!

The Finals in the Modified class were not a good time for TQ Man Tobias. He lost his first spot at the beginning of the first final and after try to catch his spot back against Tim he landed into the grass. From the last spot he recovered back to 4th behind Maxi Vief. Winner of A1 Tim Altmann in front of his brother Kai.
At the start to A2 it start to rain and was decided to canceld it during the first minute. After a break A2 will start again behind A3. The 3rd final were full wet and Tobias struggeld a lot. Timo had the better hands and ended 2nd behind again Tim Altmann, which handed him to keep his National Champion Title.
Maxi Vief and Tobias Weist 6th and 8th respectively.
After break to race again A2 the track began to dry but at the start it starts again to rain and all drivers changed to their rain cars.
Timo made the Maximum and wo the final to hand him the Vice-Champions title also in the modified class. Tobias and Maxi 5th and 6th in Final A2

Total Results at the Nationals:


1. Tim Altmann
2. Timo Schad – VIP Performance
3. Kai Altmann
4. Joachim Behnken
5. Maxi Vief – VIP Performance
6. Tobias Weist – VIP Performance
7. Andreas Dick
8. Werner Bergbauer
9. Reinder Wilms
10. Alexander Krenn – VIP Performance


1. Alexande Wild – VIP Performance
2. Timo Schad – VIP Performance
3. Mathijs Hermens
4. Rainer Schad – VIP Performance
5. Marlon Beuershausen – VIP Performance
6. Sascha Lennartz
7. Franz-Jakob Reinartz
8. Jörn Bauer
9. Andreas Kofler