VIP Performance ruled the open German Championchips!!
After nice and warm weather in practise where the Drivers clocked near to the official laprecord, the qualification starts on Saturday evening wet. In Modified our Team Drivers Tobias Weist and Timo Schad won Q1 and Q2, while in Stock Timo also in attend. In the Rain he scored a 3rd and 2nd place.
On Sunday the sun comes out and the rest of the day the Championship would decide in dry conditions.
Timo won then Q3 and Q4 and only Tobias could deny him the TQ in Q5. But defending Champion Tim Altmann scored it with only 3/10 of a second to Tobias and in Tie Break Tobias lost Starting grid 2 against him.
Christian Fischer, Patrick Vannieuwenhuyse, and Martin Wilfinger ended in the B-Main.

In Stock all of the non Driving Rain Drivers attend to the game for the A Main grid.
Rainer Schad won Q4 whyle Timo won Q5 and both are sitting in 2nd and 3rd behind TQ Setter Andreas Dick. With Alexander Wild in 5th as defending Champion, Marlon Beuershausen in 6th and Matthias Schmerer 8th, all VIP Drivers in the A Main.

The A Mains went pretty well. Timo made the maximum from TQ in the Modified and won the first A Main clear with a huuuuuuge advantage over Tim in A1 while Tobias scored a DNF with a loose wheel.
A2 saw the same and Timo won the final with 3/4 lap gap from Tobias because he had to fight first to keep his 3rd spot and then the fight with Tim for 2nd. Timo sat out A3 and saw a DNF of Tim what allowed Tobias to cruse A3 to a win and make a double win at the nationals perfect!
Tim as outgoing champion in 3rd overall.
In Stock Timo had bad luck with a mistake after try to pass Andreas in A1 and the same he fliped after short contact with Andreas beginning of the straight of A2. A1 Rainer ended 2nd and Timo 4th.
In A2 Marlon could make prophit from the contact with Andi and Timo and won it at the end. Rainer, Timo, Alex, Matthias in 3rd,4th,5th and 6th.
A3 was another intensive fight between Andi, Timo and Rainer. Timo opened the door for Rainer at the last lap to try to deny Andy the title but at the end Andi won A3 with only 9/10 of a second from Rainer and Timo. Marlon´s title hopes ended during the final with a DNF.

At the end Andreas Dick German Champion, Rainer Schad Vice Champion and 40+ Champion and Marlon Beuershausen in 3rd.

Our Places at the Nationals:


TQ + German Champion Timo Schad — VTE
Vice Champion Tobias Weist — VTE


Vice Champion + German 40+ Champion Rainer Schad — Vorlon
3rd place Marlon Beuershausen — Vorlon
4th Timo Schad — Vorlon
6th Alexander Wild — VTE
7th Matthias Schmerer — VTE

We are very proud of the team with 2 nationals Titles and 4 podest places we were again the biggest and most succsessful team at the open German Championship!!

Thanks to Roman Krecji for the Pictures!

Pro10 Modfied

Left Tobias Weist (2), Middle Timo Schad (1), Right Tim Altmann (3rd)

Pro10 Stock

Left Rainer Schad (2), Middle Andreas Dick (1), Right Marlon Beuershausen (3rd)

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